2010 Quiz

We would like to thank everyone who organised or attended the evening and here’s to another successful event next year!

The £7,800 raised on the night (a record!) was fantastic and a tribute to all those who attended. We were a 60 team sell out with 8 weeks to go, which was simply unbelievable. Thank you!


  • 1st Belle Vue Brains 205
  • 2nd George Green Dream Team 203
  • 3rd Waldrons A Team 203
  • 4th Unattached 199
  • 5th Wilkes Tranter 196
  • 6th Randy Marathon 195
  • 7th Higgs and Sons 194
  • 8th FBC Manby Bowdler 192
  • 9th Bohemian Blues 192
  • 10th Poppleton and Appleby 190

We would also like to give credit to the other teams that joined in. You all did well and better luck next year!